Sports and Personal Injury Clinic

'Optimising Athletic Performance'


We specialise in sports injuries; their prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.  As full members of the Society of Sports Therapists, our aims are to return our patients to full functional fitness as good as, if not better than, their pre-injury condition as safely and as quickly as possible. 

We are passionate about all types of sport and enjoy working with sports people of all ages and standards.  Our clients range from fun runners through county, national and international competitors, to a World Champion.  All are given exactly the same respect and care in their assessment and treatment.                                                                    

Typical Injuries

We treat a wide range of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions that affect your ability to perform.  These can be acute (new) or chronic (old). Many are associated with overuse and/or biomechanical problems - which need comprehensive investigation to establish the causative factors. Heel and foot pain, ankle problems, knee pain, shoulder pain and back problems are typical of the most common that we see.

Treatment of injuries

The mode, type, intensity and d uration of any treatment is dependent upon the clinical condition presented at the time of each visit. Treatment is specific and tailored to each patient’s condition.

We use a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic interventions and techniques to treat our patients. These can include:  

Sports massage - joint mobilisation - trigger point therapy - acupressure therapy - electro-therapy - athletic and Kinesio™ tape - cryotherapy - individualised rehabilitation programmes designed to restore full function.


Rehabilitation is the successful restoration of the injured athlete to at least the pre-injury level of physical fitness and competition, ideally, in the shortest, safest, possible time. Without proper rehabilitation, the individual may return to sport too soon, with residual instability, weakness and imbalances leading to further injury. 

Injury Prevention – Identify Your Weaknesses

Many sports injuries occur from accumulated micro-trauma from poor movement patterns, muscle imbalances, poor muscular strength and endurance, and poor techniques.  Before injury strikes, we can carry out a full musculo-skeletal examination and assessment of you relevant to your sport and advise you on any problems that require addressing.  We can also advise you on your warm-up and cool-down protocols which, when absent or carried out incorrectly, can potentially lead to injury.